Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Quiz #1- February 2, 2011

The recent approval of a medical marijuana ordinance by the LA City Council was the right decision and should be applauded. The City Council voted to adopt an ordinance that requires medical marijuana dispensaries to be at least 1,000 feet from places where children congregate, which includes schools and parks. This decision will help reduce the influence of marijuana on school children, and will ensure that there are no dispensaries where children often convene.

This map shows all parks and major institutions in the city of Los Angeles, with the 1,000 foot buffers in place. Los Angeles is a densely populated city, and much of the land is covered by parks, schools, and other institutions. As is shown on the map, there are few areas without markers. I took a small subsect of the medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles, marking all dispensaries within walking distance of UCLA in Westwood. Of the four dispensaries in Westwood, three of them are within 1,000 feet of a park or institution. This small sample proves that many dispensaries are within the buffer zone, and will need to be moved to comply with the new ordinance.

This ordinance will bring money to the city of Los Angeles, as medical marijuana dispensaries will be required to pay a fee. The city will not have to move the dispensaries, so this is at no cost to the tax payers. This ordinance is wholly beneficial to the people of Los Angeles. Children will not be exposed to medical marijuana dispensaries and the city will profit from the dispensaries that must pay a fee. The only participants at a disadvantage are the dispensaries themselves, with some dispensaries claiming that this ordinance is unfair. However, there are already far too many dispensaries in Los Angeles, and this ordinance will help relocate those near schools and parks to better areas.

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