Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lab #3- January 26, 2011

My data:

I geocoded the locations of all of the farmer's markets in Los Angeles County, and then created 2 kilometer buffers around the markets
to determine their proximity to the major highways of Los
Angeles. I found that only 9 of the farmer's markets were located more than 2
kilometers from a highway, which makes them very accessible and convenient. There are many farmer's markets in LA County with
overlapping buffers, especially those in the city of Los Angeles. This close proximity makes it possible for people all throughout the county
to buy local and seasonal produce any day of the week.
I think that geocoding was very useful for my topic. I wanted to find out how accessible Los Angeles farmer's markets are. The buffers were
very helpful, and allowed me to fully answer my question. Geocoding allowed me to enter an Excel sheet of raw data into ArcGIS and find points
with the help of Address Locator. This is an incredibly useful tool, and it would have been much more difficult to do my project without geocoding.
Geocoding is an excellent tool, and is especially useful when you have a large number of addresses to locate and geocode on a map. Geocoding
let me ask a more complex question, and helped me to solve it as well. My map is entirely based on geocoding, and would not have been possible
without it. I did not find any flaws with Geocoding, though I did have to finesse my data a bit for the Address Locator. I think this is an entirely
positive tool, and is very useful in the GIS world.